Top 10 Things to Know About My Health for Life

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The My Health for Life program is funded by the Queensland Government and developed by a health alliance led by Diabetes Australia. Lifestyle change can have a huge impact on our future health. The program aims to minimise your risk of developing chronic disease. Healthy changes are best taken in small manageable steps in a supportive environment. Ten things you need to know:

  1. The program is free and personalised to suit each person’s needs.
  2. It is delivered by qualified health professionals
  3. It involves 6 sessions held over 6 months – so the time commitment is not big
  4. The first session is a one on one appointment
  5. The remaining five sessions are flexible, in small groups. Phone coaching is also an option
  6. The program is particularly suited to people who have found other weight loss and exercise programs unsuitable
  7. The program believes healthy change is best achieved in small, manageable steps
  8. Group members will learn how to set realistic health goals and action plans for success
  9. The program recognises everyone has different reasons for improving their health
  10. To book a free health check visit: 

Or, if you live on the Brisbane Southside, including the Logan area, you may contact Susan Phillips, dietitian and qualified My Health for Life facilitator here. Susan is running groups in Browns Plains and Acacia Ridge now.

Adapted from Diabetes Australia, LIving with Diabetes magazine, August 2017.