Good Food for Exam Performance

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Needing to focus on study for top exam performance? Your eating habits can boost your results. Eating well improves mental alertness and fuels your body and brain for quality study. Try these super food tactics:
  1. Enjoy regular meals. Food provides the vital energy to power the brain so it is important to eat regularly for optimal mental performance. Be sure to include low GI carbohydrates such as legumes, wholegrains, pasta, oats, low fat dairy foods and fruit.
  2. Keep hydrated to beat fatigue. Water is the best choice for hydration, but you can add variety with herbal teas, reduced fat milk, vegetable juices and the occasional fruit juice
  3. Omega 3 fats for brain function. Aim to eat oily fish such as sardines, salmon, prawns and tuna. Other sources include fortified breads and eggs enriched with Omega 3.
  4. Vitamin B is good for a well tuned nervous system. Choose legumes, wholegrains, wheatgerm, vegetables and yeast extract such as Vegemite.
  5. Refuel with nourishing “pit stops”. Some easy to prepare ideas: nuts, dried fruits, low fat yoghurt, cereals with skim milk, raisin toast, fresh fruit, crispbreads with peanut butter, hommus or cheese  or a glass of milk with Milo or malt.
  6. Iron and zinc for focused concentration and memory capacity. Best sources are lean red meat, fish – especially oysters, chicken, nuts, legumes, wholegrains – bread and breakfast cereals.
  7. Don’t forget to schedule study breaks by making time to take some fresh air, exercise and enough sleep.