Nudging Away a Few Easy Kilos

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Are you keen to lose a few kilos with little effort? Read on for my top 10 nudge techniques:

  1. REDUCE YOUR PLATE SIZE. The surface area of plates have increased by 36% since the 1960’s, making it way too easy to eat more. What’s worse, it’s a fact, that when we are given a larger plate we tend to load it up with more food.
  2. DRINK MORE WATER. Make sure you keep your body well hydrated with at least 2 L of water a day. Our hot climate during summer makes this especially important.
  3. LIMIT HIGH CALORIE DRINKS. Flavoured milks, thickshakes, large cordials, large coffees laced with syrups, soft drinks, juices and alcohol are all high calorie beverages. It is way to easy to overconsume the calories in a drink.
  4. EAT MORE VEGETABLES. Vegetables and fresh leafy salads are the lowest energy food group. So you can limit the calories in your meal simply by 1/2 filling your plate with vegetables.The problem with many “quick and easy” meals, when our lives are busy, is that vegetables tend to be forgotton.
  5. SLEEP. Getting a good nights sleep, reduces those hunger hormones during the day. These overactive hunger hormones can drive us to eat more high calorie snacks when we are tired.
  6. EAT SLOWLY. Cholecystokinin, the hormone which signals the brain that you have had enough to eat takes around 20 minutes to do its job. Hurrying through a meal does not allow time for us to recognise when we have really had enough to eat.
  7. PACK AWAY LEFTOVERS. Don’t leave food out where you are tempted to go for second helpings. Instead, pack it away and freeze or refrigerate so that it is out of sight.
  8. BOOST PROTEIN INTAKE. Including a good source of protein with each meal, stimulates polypeptide Y. This is the hormone that stimulates a feeling of satiety. Best choices are lean protein foods such as cottage cheese, fish, turkey, lean meats and low fat milk.
  9. EXPLORE YOUR HUNGER. Before eating, first think about how hungry you really are. Perhaps you might just be thirsty. Then consider the type of foods which would satisfy your hunger before making a hasty decision. Also reflect on how you would like to feel after the meal. Comfortable … or uncomfortable.
  10. STOP PICKING. A client shared with me “little pickers where big knickers”. It is so true. We  tend to underestimate the food we “pick”. It is way better to serve all foods on a plate and sit down and take the time to enjoy them, if we need to eat.

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