Spring into Shape

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With spring just around the corner, are you starting to notice those few kilos extra?

Losing weight can improve your health, energy levels and the way you move and feel about yourself. Hot tips for losing weight can be found in the National Weight Registry which has been busy over the last 20 years collecting information on people who have lost weight and maintained their weight loss for significant time.


Top 3 tips for success:


1. Eat breakfast

It’s true. Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism and sets the mood for you to make more healthy food choices over the rest of the day. If you miss breakfast its too easy to fall into the trap of grabbing a high calorie snack at morning tea. New research is also showing that blood glucose levels are better when people with diabetes eat breakfast.

Breakfast Solutions:

  • Poached egg, grilled mushrooms on multigrain toast spread with ricotta cheese
  • Bircher muesli served with reduced fat Greek yoghurt & fresh berries, a high fibre / low GI cereal such as Goodness Superfoods range and reduced fat milk & chopped kiwi fruit.

2. Weigh yourself weekly

Keep a regular check on your weight and make minor adjustments early on if your weight starts to creep up.

3. Limit the screen time

Watching less than 10 hours of TV per week is helps weight loss. Don’t be tempted to flop down in a lounge in front of the TV – instead get active in projects and hobbies around home after work, spend time in the garden or playing with your kids and grand kids. Better still head off for a walk.

While there are many ways to lose weight, most participants in the National Weight Loss Registry follow a balanced, reduced kilojoule eating plan and increase their exercise.

For a personalised plan to help you prepare for spring click here to enquire about a dietitian appointment.