Nutrition Insight provides nutrition assessment reports on menus for organisations including residential aged care facilities and community organisations providing meal services such as Meals on Wheels, child care services and respite care. This involves a more detailed analysis than simply checking a paper copy of the current menu. As part of your menu assessment you can expect:

  • A site visit to gather data about the foodservice not available on written documentation provided
  • Assessment of portion sizes
  • Analysis of menus and recipes
  • Information collected on client feedback and preferences.
  • A comprehensive written report which includes recommendations of changes to the menu to meet current standards. This includes information on:
    • Meat and alternatives; protein quality and serve sizes
    • Energy (calories)
    • Calcium containing foods –
    • Diabetes
    • Texture Modified diets
    • Any other relevant special diets for example gluten free
  • Advice on quality initiatives such as menu policies, client satisfaction surveys, plate waste, menu layout

For further information on menu assessments or for a quote for your organisation, please contact Sue directly on 0403 772 557 or through our contact page.

The Dietitian’s Association of Australia has released The 2014 Edition of The Nutrition Manual, an online guide to planning or special diets. It is an essential resource for: catering mangers, hospitals, aged care facilities, community organisations, residential centres and food industry. It provides:

  • An easy to follow guide to special diets
  • Comprehensive food choice charts
  • Suggested menus and nutrition analyses

For information on how to order your organisations copy of Nutrition Manual.