Susan, provides expert nutrition consultancy services to residential aged care facilities and community groups involved with providing support services to the elderly. Susan can also conduct menu reviews. Click here for more information on menu assessments.

Good quality food and nutrition is important in healthy ageing. As we age our requirements for many nutrients including protein, calcium, folate and vitamins B12 and D increase. At the same time our energy (calorie) needs may reduce. This means that we need to be able to obtain all our nutrition from a smaller amount of nutritious foods. In addition, challenges such as an altered sense of taste, dental and swallowing problems, disease, memory problems, multiple medications and gut issues may all effect our appetite and food intake.

Poor appetite and unplanned weight loss are both indicators of malnutrition risk. Ideally nutrition is obtained from foods, however, when this is not possible, expert advice can be provided on suitable nutrition products to supplement the diet.

As malnutrition can reduce life quality and contribute to pressure sores, increased risk of falls and impaired wound healing, it is critical to provide the right nutrition.  Dietitians at Nutrition Insight can advise on quality initiatives such as nutrition screening, client satisfaction surveys on food service, plate waste and recipe design and menu analysis. Individualised assessment and advice can be provided to improve nutrition in clients experiencing unplanned weight loss.

If you are caring for an elderly person and you have concerns about their nutrition, contact Susan for further advice. For further information about our nutrition and dietetic services in aged care and Nursing Homes, please contact Sue directly on 0403 772 557 or through our contact page.