Are You Ready For a Break from Booze?

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After the sun drenched alcohol excesses of the summer holidays, Christmas and New Year, its time to think about Febfast. Febfast aims to raise funds for disadvantaged young people through a commitment to abandoning booze throughout the month of February. Fortunately, February is the shortest month of the year with only 28 days. If necessary, booze passes can be purchased, in the form of donations to Febfast, to survive the February birthdays, wedding anniversaries and wedding celebrations.

Giving up alcohol carries many health benefits including better sleep, fat loss, improved energy levels and increased alertness. Taking a break from alcohol helps our liver and reduces our chance of developing chronic illnesses such as heart disease. High in kilojoules, alcohol contributes to unwanted weight gain. Alcohol has a double “whammy” effect because it also lessens our resolve, leading us to make more high energy food choices.

Many Febfasters report weight loss, increased productivity at work, ability to save money, improved sleep and an increased awareness of their drinking habits. So give it a go. Take a break from booze and at the same time you can help disadvantaged youth.