My Health for Life

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Have you struggled in the past with achieving diet changes and your commitment to a healthier you? Often life gets in the way of our plans. Don’t feel disheartened. You are not alone. This is a normal part of life.

Let me share the secrets to success: 

  1. Write down your health goal. Remember to keep it realistic.
  2. Recognise when your plans have gone awry.
  3. Make simple adjustments.
  4. Enlist support from friends and family.
  5. Track your progress. For example you can use a diary or a smart app.
  6. Remember to celebrate your successes.

To help you on your journey Susan is running some free group courses called My Health for Life in conjunction with Diabetes Australia. The purpose of these groups is to reduce your risk of developing chronic or lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease and kidney disease.

Are you interested in attending one of these groups in Acacia Ridge or Browns Plains? Contact me. To check your eligibility to attend a My Health for Life group you can have a do a simple quiz and calculate your risk score here.