When should I see a dietitian?

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Diet is integrally related to our health and a large number of common health problems. For this reason, it is a good idea to have a session with a dietitian at any time that you have concerns about your diet or the diet of a close family member or you have a new diagnosis. Ten top reasons for visiting a dietitian include:


  1. You have a chronic health condition such as diabetes, heart problems such as high cholesterol and blood pressure. It is a good idea to have a diet check up at least once a year to make sure you are on track with your health management.
  2. You are thinking of, or have had gastric surgery for weight loss. People who plan to have bariatric surgery should see a dietitian prior to surgery for advice on their pre -surgery diet to reduce the liver size. Advice will also be important post surgery as you gradually transition back to full textured meals, and to ensure you meet the recommended dietary intakes of essential nutrients on a smaller volume of food.
  3. You have digestive problems, including reflux, IBS


  4. You are pregnant or trying to become pregnant
  5. Your teenager has issues with food and eating healthfully or wants to follow a vegetarian diet
  6. You have lost weight, without trying to and need help to gain weight
  7. You need to lose weight
  8. You are caring for an ageing parent or person with a disability or have a mental health concern
  9. You want to eat smarter
  10. You are concerned about specific nutrients, such as low iron levels or calcium and osteoporosis