Vitamin D- The Sunshine Vitamin

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Vitamin D is important for maintaining a healthy immune system and a strong body. Recent research has linked Vitamin D deficiency with increased risk of respiratory infections.

With the abundance of Sunshine in Australia could you be deficient in Vitamin D?

Surprisingly, around 23% of Aussies are vitamin D deficient and this increases during the the winter months to 36%. Lifestyle factors including indoor jobs, increased work hours and time spent indoors on screens rather than outside during the day increase our risk. With COVID 19 restrictions, Australians are spending more time than ever indoors.

How can we boost our Vitamin D?

Increasing your intake of vitamin D is schievable by incorporating eggs, mushrooms and sardines into your meals.

Simple meal ideas:

Eggs provide a basis for plenty of simple budet friendly meals:Asian omelettes, scrambled eggs, frittatas, souffle, quiche, Shakshuka, hard boiled eggs

Mushrooms are great in soups, risottos, pasta, sauces, made into kebabs & barbequed,

Sardines are great on sandwiches, crackers, fishcakes, served with pasta  (think lemon & herbs or rich tomato sauce), as a pizza topping, served with lettuce & avocado in a crisp salad, taco fillers