Start the day well with breakfast

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What makes breakfast so important?

  • Breakfast eaters are better able to maintain a healthy weight. Eating breakfast kickstarts your metabolism and keeps you satisfied so you are less likely to consume excess kilojoules later in the day
  • Breakfast improves mental alertness, concentration, mood and learning by stabilising blood sugar levels
  • Breakfast provides a range of important nutrients including carbohydrates, protein, fibre, calcium and B group vitamins


Struggling to find time for breakfast? Try some of these tips.

  • Set the table for breakfast before you go to bed. Place bowls, cutlery and cereals on the table.
  • Keep a range of wholegrain cereals at home. Wheat biscuits such as Vita Brits / Weetbix, rolled oats and muesli are good low salt options
  • Set the alarm 10 minutes earlier
  • A fruit smoothie made with a handful of raw oats added to the milk & fruit thn blended improves fibre and satiety
  • If you eat breakfast at work, keep healthy choices available such as tins of baked beans, wholegrain bread, avocado, cheese slices, yoghurt and wholegrain cereal

My top 3 breakfast ideas

  • Chopped fresh fruits with natural yoghurt, muesli and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Added ginger is also good for a flavour sensation!
  • Eggs & poached in tomato or “Shaksouka” with sourdough bread
  • French style raisin bread served with fresh fruit