World Salt Awareness Week 29 Feb - 6 March 2016

AWASH is the Australian division of the World Action on Salt and Health. AWASH week aims to encourage Australians to reduce their salt consumption. The average Australian eats 9 g of salt per day. This is double the suggested dietary target (SDT) of 4g per day. Lowering your salt intake has plenty of health benefits. Most people are surprised how quickly their taste buds adjust and they come to enjoy the new flavours in their food.

 Here are some insightful tips to lower your salt intake:

  • Choose fresh foods - fruit, vegetables, fresh meat and dairy are all low in salt
  • Use plenty of fresh herbs, lemon, ginger, lime, garlic, onion, pepper, chilli and vinegars to add flavour
  • Limit high salt sauces such as soy, tomato, worcestershire
  • Limit packet soups
  • Limit stock cubes, packet gravy mixes
  • Limit foods containing MSG, chicken salt and garlic salt

High salt intake is linked to many of chronic diseases including blood pressure, fluid retention, strokes, kidney disease, some cancers, osteoporosis and may predispose people to Helicobacter Pylori infection of the stomache. A useful free app available for both android and apple phones enables bar codes to be scanned and provides healthier lower salt food swaps is Foodswitch and available here.

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