Nutrition Week 11- 17th October

Are you one of the 95% of Australian's who do not eat enough fruit and vegetables?

October 11- 17 is Australia's National Nutrition Week and the theme this year focuses on encouraging Australians to eat more fruits and vegetables. Challenge yourself and your family to eat 5 serves of vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit each day for the week. One serve of vegetables represents: 1/2 cup of cooked vegetables, for example carrots or broccoli; or 1 cup of salad vegetables. One serve of fruit is about 1 handful, for example 1 medium apple or 1 cup of chopped fruit such as melon or fruit salad.

Fruit & vegetables are nutritional powerhouses with many health benefits:

  • Fibre to keep your gut healthy
  • Low in energy (kilojoules) means they help you maintain a healthy body weight
  • They are loaded with antioxidants which keep your cells healthy & prevent ageing
  • Protection from diseases such as cancer, heart disease and stroke
  • Lots of nutrients including Vitamin C, folate, magnesium,Vitamin A, potassium

Start by adding a large spring salad to tonight's dinner. Follow up with a platter of freshly chopped seasonal fruit.

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