Hot tips to keep your diet on track over Christmas

Christmas parties present a real challenge for the weight watcher. With some careful planning and good decision making you can survive the festive season without piling on the kilos. Read on for my hot tips.

  • Set yourself the goal of maintaining weight over the Christmas season.
  • Keep well hydrated with low calorie drinks such as water and natural mineral water.
  • Have a light meal prior to attending Christmas parties. Arriving at the party hungry can be disaster, making it all too easy to overdo those high calorie nibbles.
  • Alcohol stimulates your appetite causing you to eat more, lowers inhibitions so you are less likely to stick to your diet plan and is high in kilojoules. This all means weight gain. Instead look for lower alcohol beers and wines, have spirits at half strength in a tall glass with soda or diet soft drink. Remember to alternate alcoholic drinks with water.
  • Canapes can cause some serious diet damage. Two or three high fat items can represent the calories in an entire meal. Look for canapes without batter, pastry and breadcrumbs. Good choices will be based on vegetables such as mini frittatas, stuffed mushrooms, and lean proteins eg bbq prawns, chicken sticks.
  • After a day of energy dense eating, plan a day with lighter meals. Good choices will be fruit and yoghurt, plenty of fresh vegetables or salad and lean proteins such as fish and chicken.
  • Keep active. Now the days are longer take time out for a swim, ride, exercise class or a walk.

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