Hot Tips for Making Successful New Year Resolutions

The beginning of a new year is a time when we develop goals for the year. Many of us choose to make goals to improve our health such as losing weight, managing stress and improving our fitness. While these are all very worthwhile goals, sometimes it can be hard to stick to these goals when our schedules fill with other life commitments. So how do we form resolutions that we can achieve?

To help you make your goals successful, I am going to share some hot tips from the My Health for Life Program:

  • Form a clear intention and express it as a SMART goal. By SMART I mean specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based. For example if my goal is to lose weight, it will not meet the criteria of a smart goal. Re-framing my goal as "to lose 5 kg of weight in 6 months" will fulfill SMART criteria of being specific (5kg), achievable and realistic (less than 1 kg weight loss / month is possible) and my time frame is 6 months.
  • Write this goal down and identify individual steps required to successfully achieve this goal. For example (1) I will need to increase my activity by getting up 30 minutes earlier and walking 5 days per week. This means I will have to set an alarm in the morning to wake up. (2) reduce my portion sizes of protein foods at dinner to 100 g (3) Increase my vegetable intake to 5 serves per day. To do this I will need to plan meals that are based on more salads and vegetables and make sure I include these in my regular grocery shop and (4) Reduce my alcohol intake to 1 standard serves on only 2 days per week. Check out my weekly menu planner guide here.
  • Build in support and self check mechanisms. I plan to keep a food and exercise diary and will explore some of the smart apps available because I like to use my smart phone. I am also going to investigate the Heart Foundation walking groups in my area so I can also enjoy interaction with other people sharing a similar goal.
  • Simply get started and have a go.
  • Identify potential barriers and develop an "if then plan". For example, if it is storming I will walk in the local shopping centre. If we are having hot weather conditions I will look go swimming in the local City Council pool.

If you are looking for further support or would like to join a My Health for Life Group drop me an email or phone and we can arrange an appointment. New groups are starting up in Brisbane South suburbs soon.

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