Booze. Playing it Safe.

As we near the end of Dry July it is timely to reflect on our drinking habits. Responsible drinking means balancing your enjoyment of alcohol with the potential harm that alcohol can cause. Choosing no more than 2 standard drinks per day reduces your risk of alcohol related harm. How does your drinking add up?

A standard drink of alcohol contains 10g of alcohol. Examples include:

  • 100ml of wine or champagne

  • 375 ml stubby of mid-strength beer

  • 250 ml of full strength (5% beer)

  • 30ml nip of spirits

  • 250ml of pre-mixed spirits

This means that if you are drinking more than half a bottle of wine per day you may be risking your health.

Some tips for managing your drinking behaviours are:

  • Set limits. For example avoid having your first drink before 5pm

  • Quench your thirst first with a non alcoholic drink.

  • Take your time and drink slowly.

  • Choose lower alcohol drinks. Examples include reduced alcohol wine and beer, wine spritzers (mixed with soda water) and 1/2 strength spirits.

  • Make sure you eat.

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